Private Equity Video

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn a little about private equity.

In this presentation, you’ll learn the basics about private equity and the role it can play in your clients’ portfolios, as well as in your practice.

Your ability to address the needs and goals of clients in these important segments will help you attract new business and build your practice

Clients have goals related to seven life priorities, with Finance being the connecting point among them all. Understanding these life priorities can help you identify concerns clients may have in their pursuit of their goals.

For instance, a client in Segments 4 through 9 may want to:
-Invest according to my values.
-Save for retirement.
-Enhance returns while lowering risk.
-Help preserve my original investment.

For many of these clients, private equity can be an important solution to help them pursue their goals.

Specifically, we’ll discuss how private equity solutions can:

-Fit into your overall goals-based approach with clients.
-Help your clients pursue the goals that matter most to them.
-Help you attract new assets.