Prego Restaurant 3

May 17, 2010

Carlo and Maria have come to Prego, the restaurant, for their fabulous food. But they are too in love to notice the food. They have been in love for a very long time now. For over an hour, which is a record for the both of them. Maria plucks a mezzelune from her plate and feeds it to Carlo. He is a little plaything, she thinks, like a puppy — loyal, eager, panting … drooling. She takes a bite of his Agnello Grigliato. The people at Prego stare, but Carlo and Maria, they care not. They are blinded with love. It is a game of cat and mouse. Of kiss and tell. Of … crime and punishment. Carlo glances at her. Ah! She is perfect. But what’s that? A crumb is stuck to her chin! Maria has noticed something herself. A s*****g sound. Could that be Carlo eating? Oh, Carlo! Oh, Maria! Their disillusionment is as thick as the minestrone.

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