NPC (Non-Player Character) Lines – Tactical FPS (First-Person Shooter)

November 2, 2020


[Moving – Slow, On Guard]

“Moving to Position.”

“On guard.”

“Steady, steady…”

[Moving – Fast, On Guard]

“Go, go!”

“Let’s move!”


“Let’s go, let’s go!”

[Moving – Fast, Under Fire]

“Take cover!”

“Go, Go!”

“Get down!”

[Watching – From Above]

“Eyes up.”

“Eyes in the sky.”

[Watching – On Ground]

“Eyes peeled.”


“I’ve got my eyes peeled.”

[Attacking – Small Arms]

“*Grunt from recoil*”

“I’ve got ’em!”

[Attacking – Heavy Weapons]

“I’ve got ’em pinned.”

“I’ve got this.”

“I’ve got this covered.”

[Attacking – Explosives]

“Explosive inbound!”


“Eat this!”

[Attacking – Melee]



“*Grunt of Exertion*”


[Moving – Patrolling]


“They’re not here, that’s for sure…”



[Watching – From Above]

“I don’t see anything from up here.”

“Nothing up here.”

“I can’t see anything.”

[Watching – On Ground]

“Nothing down here.”

“I don’t see anything.”

“Nothing here.”

“There’s nothing to report over here.”

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