New Zealand – Middle Earth

Eithel govannen o en coe…Well met, from Middle Earth! As one of the first LOTR companies in New Zealand, we have amassed a wonderful selection of locations, sights, and scenes to bring the movies to life for you. No other tour company can offer what you will discover and see on this tour, so come with us as we whisk you away for a day long total Middle-earth experience.

Travel to locations used for filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy around Queenstown. See and experience some of the spectacular landscapes featured in the films such as The Argonath (Pillars of the King), The Gladden fields and the Ford of Bruinen. Our knowledgeable guides will share information about each location and help uncover the secrets behind how each area was transformed into Middle Earth and let you relive the action for your own camera.

Our Glenorchy tour offers stunning views for everyone. But for Lord of the Rings fans this is Paradise. Explore the filming locations of Ithilien, Isengard, Fangorn forest and Zirak Zigil.

We also offer you an exclusive location: Beorns house from the Hobbit films. Step onto the exact location where Beorns house was built where only we have the exclusive access onto this private land. You will also see Narnia and Wolverine. Our knowledgeable guides will show you how the beautiful landscapes were used to bring Middle Earth to life.