Narration by Windy

How did a guy named “Humphery bogart” come to be known as the greatest tough-guy in “Hollywood history? A wartime scuffle and a f****l scar sure didn’t hurt. It happened when “Bogart” was in the navy during “World War 1”. He was escorting a handcuffed prisoner when the “P.O.W” smashed “Bogart” in the face and fled.”Bogie was left with a scar that would define his tough-guy “Sam S***e” appearance.

Everyone knew the house on “Melody Lane” had been abandoned for many years. There were plenty of stories about why each one involving a “Ghost” of some kind. So one night the neighbors decided to do something about it.They would sneak in and spend the night inside and try to uncover the “Mystery of the House on Melody Lane”
(PS) I already was “Billed” for this. Thanks.(Windy)