Mercedes Benz

Gottlieb Daimler once said, referring to a star on his house, “A star shall arise from here, and I hope that it will bring blessing to us and to our children.”

A few years later, his first gasoline-powered vehicle became a reality. In 1901, it was named the Mercedes. And in 1909, the star was adopted as its Insignia in tribute to the founder of the firm. Now in 2018, more than a century later, the three pointed star of Mercedes-Benz is the Hallmark of Excellence on the roads of the world.

But the blessings of which Gottlieb Daimler spoke go not to our children, but to every owner of a Mercedes Benz. These are the beneficiaries of over 100 years work to build the perfect automobile.


(Adapted and modified from a 1950s print ad)