Infiniti – Inspired Performance

Luxury vehicles are engineered and sold
In in staggering numbers.
Amalgamations of steel, glass and wood.
It’s a soulless process, that produces soulless cars.
They lack that certain spark.
The spark of inspiration.
That alchemy, that can transform oil and canvass
into art.
A moment to a memory
or two simple brush strokes into an Infiniti.
The inspiration is evident in everything we touch.
It brings life to our sheet metal.
Artistry to our engineering,
and a voice to our brand.
Inspired performance is infiniti’s new tagline.
Its performance that’s elevated by the beauty of art,
and fluidity of nature.
Its performance that’s measured by how well we
handle the emotional terrain of our owners.
Its performance that transforms purely functional into something inspirational.
But inspired performance is more than just a tagline.
Its our philosophy.
It tells us where we are,
where we are going,
and what we must do to get there.
And it serves as an ever present reminder,
that we are all traveling together.
Our designers,
our dealers,
our test drivers,
our engineers,
we are all inspired.
We make inspired vehicles.
Chosen by inspired owners.