Healthy Snack

Visual Set Up: Hooper comes on screen wearing a giant fruit hat a la Carmen Miranda
HOOPER throws his arms wide like an opera singer.
HOOPER runs over to the bookshelf to look.
HOOPER tries to look up at his hat comically, but can’t see anything (since its on his head) so he shakes his head, and the pineapple falls into his hands.
HOOPER dashes off

HOOPER: Hi! I’m looking for a healthy snack.pineapple!
HOOPER: Where did I put that pineapple.
(sings) Oh where oh where has my
pineapple gone, oh where oh where
can it beeeeee!!!! Is it on the bookshelf?
HV: No!
HOOPER: Wait a minute.
HOOPER: Oh yeah! My pineapple right where I left it.on my head! Hee hee!
MISS LORI VO: Dragon Tales is on the way next!