guided meditation

Hi peeps!
Just listen to this audio any time during the eclipse phase … if you resonate with it … send me a heart!

Please Sit and make yourself comfortable… feel relaxed!
close your eyes and take a deep breath in … now let it out … one more time please … breath in …. and out … through your mouth.

Feel we are all together, posing for a picture … our heads straight and body upright … we dash our scarves and flaunt out our sunglasses!
Feel that we are holding hands … align your teeth and smile 🙂

yes ! … You’re all in my prayers at the moment:)

Now, this abundant bright smiling energy, will float, and resonate within us during this eclipse cycle…

Tighten your fists and feel the warmth of our togetherness… Feel the entire universe is now focused on our bond and supporting us in making the most of this moment by releasing what no longer serves us, we make way for new creative inspiration by letting go.

Now breathe all the not required energy out .. .let’s do it one more time .. .breathe in the happiness .. .and breathe out the uneasiness!!!!

It’s time to step up and move on!

Stay glued and get in sync with what your most radiant high vibrational life would be like… consciously manifest, experience and see it happening … yes, it is happening!

With this intense eclipsing energy let’s stay grounded, open and willing …
Let’s do it one more time …. a deep breath in …. .and out through your mouth….
Open you eyes, shrugg your shoulders, stretch out your arms and smile!

🙂 love you guys