By mid-1940, the German Army had conquered all of Western Europe … H****r was
tightening the noose around Britain … German U-Boats were decimating Allied convoys, threatening to cut off Britain’s only lifeline. But Churchill had a ‘secret weapon,’ the
strangest military establishment in the world!

Crossword fanatics, chess champions, mathematicians, students and professors,
American and British all came together with one common aim: to unlock the secret of
“Enigma,” the machine that concealed Germany’s war plans in seemingly unbreakable code. Many had never seen a code before; yet it was their job to c***k “Enigma.”
If “Enigma” could be penetrated, everything H****r plotted would be known in advance!

At Bletchley Park there unfolded one of the most astonishing exploits of the Second World War! Everything they did remained classified for 30 years!