April 7, 2020

A guidewire is inserted into the femoral artery up through the iliac artery and into the contra-lateral iliac artery. Module one delivery system is inserted through the femoral artery. It slides over the guidewire and is positioned between the two iliac arteries. Using radio pake markers, the delivery system is positioned so that the gateway is facing the aortic trunk during deployment. As the operator retracts the outer sheath, module one begins to deploy. The guidewire is pulled back and then pushed forward through the gateway of module one. Module two slides over the guidewire and is correctly aligned with the gateway. The outer sheath is retracted and module two expands. Module two hourglass waist is now securely coupled inside the gateway of the first module. Module three is inserted and aligned so that the fabric begins just below the lower renal artery. Outward protruding barbs assist in fixing module three in place.

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