Educational Book Series Promo

Here is the instructions that came along with the audition:
The client has requested an “adult female who should be bright and playful”. Keep in mind, though, that the target audience for the video are the PARENTS & TEACHERS, not the kids themselves.

Generic American accent, please–not a region-specific one.

We’re looking for a range of ages–BUT PLEASE NOTE that voices should not sound TOO junior or TOO senior.

And here is the script:

Ever wonder what the inside of a submarine looks like?
Or where a tree frog sleeps?
Did you know the mars Rover is lined in gold
And a whale shark can be 40 ft long

Introducing Scholastic Discover More
An eye-popping, innovative new book series that brings you up close and personal
with everything under the sun… and beyond the stars

From sharks to spaceships
From tadpoles to tractors,
Scholastic Discover More is an encyclopedia on overdrive
With something for every explorer
Presented in a way you have never seen before

Every book comes with its own Interactive Companion Digital Book.
Just enter your unique code on the website to access cool videos, audio clips and
visually stunning graphics…all so you can discover even more.

Let Scholastic Discover More be your guide to exploring your world and the universe

When you need to KNOW more…


What’s YOUR passion?