Don’t Write a C****y Book ! (edited title)

What’s a C****y Book, And Why Should I Care?

How do you know when a book is bad? What determines whether your book is truly awful or just misunderstood? And who gets to decide whether it’s c****y, decent, or great?

Well, technically, everyone gets to decide for themselves. Subjectively speaking, a book is bad when people don’t like it.

But judging a book’s full merit on personal opinion isn’t reliable. No two people have the same tastes. No matter how many people love your book, some will hate it. And people dislike good things all the time (broccoli), just as they like bad things all the time (Big Macs).

Here’s a different yardstick: a book is bad when it doesn’t accomplish the goals you had in mind when you wrote it.

When a book is truly good, you can reliably use it to support and grow your business. When a book is subpar, you can’t. Therefore, a book that doesn’t help your business is a c****y book.