Dixie Hemingway

. Don’t get me wrong, I admire snakes. In the Garden of Eden, the serpent was the only honest one. But anybody who knows me knows I can’t stand dropping live, squirming mice into a snake’s open mouth. …

Joyce said, “Come look at this, Dixie! I’m almost certain it’s a resplendent quetzal!”
I brought Rufus close to my side and pulled up next to Joyce. There on the ground was a parrot-like bird with bright green wings, a red breast, a banana-yellow beak, and a fluffy chartreuse crest that sat atop its head like a fringed helmet. Its green tail feathers were easily three times the length of its body and looked like two long Christmas ribbons, gleaming with a violet iridescence.
I said, “Huh.”
Joyce said, “This may be the first resplendent quetzal ever seen in Florida!”
I said, “Huh?”