What defines us?

Are we our job?

Our possessions?

Or even our accomplishments?

When someone thinks of us, is it our trophies they’ll remember?


When someone we love passes, it’s usually not the big things we miss the most.

But rather, it’s the details.

It’s all the irreplaceable little things.

Things other people may never have even noticed.

That taken together, make up the complex, subtle, and unique mosaics of the people we love.

The way they laughed hardest when they told a joke.

The way they bit their lip while they were reading.

The way they put one foot on top of the other when they were nervous.

And we miss the smell of their cologne on their shirts.

It’s the details that separate them from everyone else.

It’s the details that made them special.

It’s the details that matter most.

To them, and to us.