Dave’s Audio Cylinderworks and Sriracha Boutique

Cd’s and MP3’s sound great, but they’re just so sterile; where’s the humanity? Certainly not in vinyl—that’s just plastic. No, we need the genuine artifact— that’s right, the Edison Cylinder. At Dave’s Audio CylinderWorks and Sriracha Boutique, we custom-handcraft wax cylinders of your favourite music, so it can be enjoyed the way nature intended. Your listening experience will be so much richer when your favourite obscure cuts are not only underscored with the hiss of nature’s background noise, but sprinkled with the boxy, organic pops and scratches that only natural wax can provide. Speaking of wax, we make ours from the finest free-trade, Carpathian-mined ozokerite, with a supplement of organic beeswax. (You should also pick up one of our manually operated cylinder players, handmade from beetlepine and salvaged iron.) Dave’s Audio CylinderWorks and Sriracha Boutique. You can hear the Authenticity.