Country Cookin

January 5, 2020

Want to earn big tips? Here’s the secret. Genuine friendly service. Take good care of our guests, and they’ll take good care of you. Let’s start with your appearance. You’ve heard the saying you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well, it’s true. You start earning your tip the moment a guest sees you approaching. Think about it. Would you want this person serving you food? Now, how about this. Look at what a difference your appearance makes. I bet you’d be happy to work with this person. She’s clean, her clothes are not wrinkled and fit properly, and most important, there’s a real smile on her face. One that shows in her eyes. Here are some accepted outfits under the Country Cooking dress code. Your manager or trainer will give you a copy of the dress code and answer any questions. Good service and good tips begin the moment a guest walks in our door. We want all our guests to feel welcome and at home here. We greet them with a smile and seat them as quickly as possible. If you can’t help a guest right away, be sure to acknowledge their presence and let them know you’ll be with them in just a moment. It’s especially important to help our first-time guests to feel comfortable. Ask guests, “Are you familiar with how things work here?” Try to avoid phrasing that could offend regular customers such as, “Is this your first time with us?” For first time guests, include a red flag place-mat with their menus and follow the red flag procedure. This helps ensure that new guests know how to get the maximum out of their meal and feel comfortable with the whole dining experience.

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