Clayton and friends-season 1 episode 52-Clayton visit the zoo roll 1

[it was a boring day at Claytons house when he was trying to think of what to do]

Joy: I am so bored is there anything we can do?

Clayton: I believe not joy

Gavin vines: ugh I can’t believe that we don’t have anything to do I’m bored

Poppy: I wish I sang in here that would be fun

[phone rings]

Clayton: who could that be [awnsers the phone] hello ?

Steve Irwin: [on the phone] hello clay it’s me Steve irwin how are you
Doing mate?

Clayton: we are all so bored we don’t have anything to do today

Steve Irwin: oh I see, hey I have an idea you all can come to the Australia Zoo

Clayton: that’s a great idea Steve we’ll be right over

Steve Irwin: c****y I’ll see you there later [hangs up]

Clayton: everyone don’t be bored anymore because we’re going to the zoo!

[everybody cheers in exitment]

Clayton: we got tickets so let’s go

Poppy: I knew we would do something after a while I feel like singing now!