Car Shield

FACT :60
VO: FACT. (SFX: attention grabbing ‘whoomp’) Your car IS going to break down.
FACT. (SFX: attention grabbing ‘whoomp’) When you’re NOT covered by a
manufacturer’s warranty, getting it fixed could chew up every penny you’ve saved or
max out your credit cards
FACT. (SFX: attention grabbing ‘whoomp’) Extended vehicle protection from Car Shield
could save you from paying for costly repairs.
If your car has five to one hundred fifty thousand miles, Car Shield has an affordable, no
money down, monthly plan that’s right for you. How affordable? About the cost of
filling your tank. Plus, with Car Shield, you’ll never be stranded. Our plans include
award winning customer service, 24/7 roadside assistance and a rental car while yours is
being fixed.
FACT. Your car WILL break down. (SFX: attention grabbing ‘whoomp’) Save yourself
BIG money on costly repairs. Get covered by Car Shield. Go to Car Shield dot com or
call 800-CAR-6100 for your free, no obligation quote. And as a special bonus, use code
RADIO to save 10%. That’s Car Shield dot com or 800-CAR-6100, code RADIO. A
deductible may apply.