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    This is a great space to discuss upcoming events and conferences in the voice over world. If you have tips or ideas of how to get the most out of an upcoming conference, this is the perfect place to help out other members of the voice over community. If you are new to voice over, and want some help to determine which conferences you should attend, this is a great space to get some advice from your peers!

    Remember, please keep it positive. Posts that are negative run the risk of being deleted, and those users run the risk of being blocked.

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    Gonna be at VO Atlanta in March…anyone else have any experience with them?

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    Please give me feedback. I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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    I’m making strides in the networking department, though I’m looking to attend a VO conference /convention in 2019.

    What are your experiences attending conferences? Did you get work or make valuable connections from them, or was it primarily educational? How ‘worth it’ was your trip? Which ones are the best?

    (Heart) you guys.

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