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Terra Ashe

Hi! I’m working on scripts to add a PSA spot to my demo. I will only end up choosing one, and all are just drafts below, so plenty of room to change things. Would love any feedback. Thanks!

*sounds of searching through room and angry sounds”Where is it?”* Can’t find your vape? Now you’re irritable, restless, and running late…again Don’t let vaping control you.
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It didn’t matter what I was doing. Taking a test, at soccer practice, babysitting…all I wanted to do was hit my vape. It as all I could think about. I couldn’t concentrate, I was snapping at my friends and family. My vape was controlling my life. That is until I learned about #PowerOverVape. And I took that control back. Visit to learn more.

Can’t stop scrolling? I get it, social media is designed to keep us locked in. But while we keep scrolling inside, the world keeps moving outside. Let’s turn that scrolling into stroll #StrollOverScroll. To learn more visit

Phone Ding ding ding, text clicking, car crash, siren
Texting while driving has dangerous consequences. Make sure you’re alive to respond back Visit to learn more.