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Hi Graceson. It’s a good read. Something I’m trying to work on for commercial scripts, is focusing on Acting vs. Reading. Obviously, it’s important that we read the words right. But once we know the script dialogue, as voice actors, I think we have to try to delve into what the script is trying to communicate, and to who? And then identify what emotions we think would/should be attached to that message. I think that’s where tone (emotion) comes in. Any script will sound much different if read with the emotions of “horror” or “contempt” than it would if read with “Joy” or “Ambition”. The script for the read you posted is a tough one, because the product and the message itself is a bit “clinical”, so kinda tough to attach emotion to it. But for promoting a product that’s about helping you attain better cleanliness and hygiene, you could perhaps try incorporating a tone that says “Hey, i’ve got a secret to tell you.” It’s not easy, but it can make a difference. Acting vs. Reading is an ongoing struggle for me, but I think does make it more fun. Keep it up!