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Jack Daniels – love this read – sounds like the real deal! Your tone and style fit the VO so well. You’ve got me hooked with the feel of Lynchburg and the feel of the streets. Just a suggestion, wondering if you could use a very slight pauses after “just as he did” and “don’t ever plan to stop” – something to mimic the leisurely feel of the streets. Same goes for the last few words: “smooth, sippin, Tennessee whiskey.” I feel like these could slow down a tiny tiny bit, to savor the brew.

First State – your mature voice delivers on trust and security, something banks desperately need today! My only critique is that you have a little warble in your voice on the words “everyone” and “rely.” While that folksiness works very well for Jack Daniels, I don’t think you need it for the bank VO.
Great stuff all around. I think both these companies would want to have you do their Vo’s. Best of luck! If you have a moment, I would much appreciate your thoughts on a VO I just uploaded, called AIG. Thanks!