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Grace, you reads are mostly very clear! And yes, you do a great job of varying tone between your reads– wow! I am inspired by your ability to do so.

I think this is the biggest area of improvement that I can hear is in your “TH” sounds, they are closer to “D” sounds and it would be beneficial for you to enunciate more on these.

Here’s feedback on the individual reads:

Diabetes: Though the subject is “serious,” I found the use of this tone to be a bit too urgent/worrying/fear-inducing. I would recommend attempting a more straight-forward read. Also, the read of “so what should parents be looking for?”, maybe raise your intonation a bit at the end to make it clearer that this is a question.

Constellations: Very energetic! This would be so great for something educational for kids. It sounds VERY natural, like you’re talking to a group of kids on a field trip at a museum, love that. Again, the “TH” vs. “D” sound feedback stands. The first line of the read was a bit jumbled, too. Slow that line down a bit and make clearer distinctions between each word.

Crypto: I think you can place more emphasis on “cryptocurrency” here– “money word” as they say! Otherwise, great job of making distinctions between things you listed (“change, cheat, hack”)

Lamentation of Christ: I think you can actually slow down a little bit on this, but just slightly. Again, focus on pronouncing T’s fully. I think you also lost a bit of volume in your attempt to use a calmer, subtler tone. I like the tone and think it would be beneficial to attempt to replicate it at a higher volume.