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Ben & Jerry’s: I like your read! You might want to speed up slightly, though, both because it’d pep things up to give the fairy a slightly more manic pace and because I’m assuming that this is meant to be a 60-second spot and you’re at 68.
Nit picks:
I like your choice to change “ing” endings to “in'”–but you ought to make sure that you do it consistently throughout.
I would make the emphasis “really WEIRD in your freezer” rather than “really weird in your FREEZER,” because you’re contrasting the item that you’re going to give them, not where you’re going to place it.
I would take less time to pretend to find your place at “So, where was I?” because I feel like the pause is a bit too long and the elongated “So” kills your momentum. (It all has to be super quick to avoid interrupting your flow.)

History Channel: This needs much more gravitas. If your voice can go lower and sound more resonant without straining, pull out all the stops for this one. The repeated question–“Who would you be?”–sounds as though the copywriter meant it to feel almost hypnotic, so you’ve really got to sell it.
Nit picks:
“What would you feel?” needs to sound less cheerful and more dramatic.
Is it “Who would you love?” or “Whom would you love?” (If the copywriter made a mistake, there’s nothing that you can do about it, but be careful not to omit the “m” if they have it written correctly in the copy.)
The final sequence of questions is much too rapid-fire. Find somewhere else to speed up your read a little bit in order to buy yourself a few seconds to slow that down a tad. (I noticed that you spoke more slowly in the first half of the commercial, as though you didn’t realize the time crunch until near the end, so start by looking there.)

Lender’s Bagels: No, alas, you cannot do that accent. (I think that you knew that already.) If you really want to try the spot, perhaps you could read it in something akin to your Ben and Jerry’s fairy voice? Maybe you could try to have New York energy even if you don’t have a New York accent.

P.S. You seem to be having some audio quality issues, but I imagine that you’re aware of the problem so I’ll leave it at that.
P.P.S. I tried to post this whole reply a moment ago and it disappeared somehow. Hopefully it won’t show back up as a double post. If it does, my apologies!