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For App notification, the read is a nice pace. I would recommend more flow between your words while maintaining the great enunciation you already have.

WorkLife is also a nice pace and great read. Your attitude and tone remain the same throughout and that attitude and tone is great for setting up the “problem” in the copy but there’s a change in the message and it doesn’t sound like your tone and attitude changed enough with it. In my opinion, from “Let’s focus on some of the daily choices you can make.” a more upbeat, tone would match the solutions you’re presenting now.

The pace is nice in climate change and Greece 2.0. I recommend letting more of your personality out to improve the believability of the reads, especially when it comes to the seriousness of climate change, without pushing of course. Just a little thing, the line “Greece is actually very affordable if you know where to go” could benefit from sounding more like you’re telling me a secret, or like you’re about to reveal something big. You’re on your way to making a great demo though!