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Lyle Blaker

You have a great sound. HookOnPh. read is really nice. I think, based on my own coaching, if you take out some of the glottal stops and smooth out the read just a smidge more, it would be *chef’s kiss* and would likely be the conversational sound you are looking for. The last two sentences were great and a reference for what I mean in smoothing it out. And the Aruba take is also very nice. The natural smile in your tone will get you a lot of work. Spit balling here: I wonder what would happen to your energy level if you did the script in 15 seconds and also got rid of the micro pauses within sentences.

Mouth noises are such a pain in the b***y. Green apples help (something about the acidity) and honestly, de-mouth click software is a LIFESAVER. I use RX9 software.

Great work!