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In Nike 1 you’re evidently “pushing” for a certain performance. Think of a situation that gives you the attitude you want(think of the face of the person you’re speaking to in that situation). Then, just let it go, be in the moment with the person you’re talking to. It helps me to imagine their reactions to what i’m saying, it’s like multitasking to imagine a person and read the script so it takes practice to do it.

You were pushing less in Nike 2. You uptick the phrases “keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.” and “presses against you” as if you’re asking a question and that hinders the confident and assuring tone of the message in the copy.

Nike 3 was the best of all three with the least pushing and uptick that weakens the confident sound. “It’s Nike” could be said with more confidence. It sounded to me like you were pleading to the audience to buy Nike in the phrase “It’s Nike.” So relax and be confident in what you’re saying.

Nike 1 attitude seems to be on a mission and has a passion about the topic. Nike 2 is more caring in tone. Nike 3 is most confident in what is being said. Though Nike 1 and 3 seem more different in the beginning of their audios but don’t seem that different in tone when you listen to both of them in full. Nike 2 stands out as most different in tone from the other two.