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Very nice! My initial reaction is that there is a sincerity to your voice which works well with the topic of the script. I can certainly hear the difference in attitudes between the two reads. I’m not sure if you only want feedback as to how apparent the difference is regarding “attitude”, or if you also want feedback on the specifics of the two recordings. If the latter, then here is my additional feedback:

Words-1: Given the weightiness of the topic I think it’s important not read too fast so that the listener has the time to let the message sink in. You seemed to move through the first few sentences a bit fast, but the pacing worked very well as you moved further through the script. Throughout you sound like you really believe what you are saying.

Words-2: The pacing on this one was very good. However, towards the end of the script a tentative quality crept into your voice which made it sound like you aren’t entirely convinced of what you are saying and you are asking for the listeners agreement.