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Hi Marti,
Your voice really suits the cosmos read, but on my end your volume is too low, so if you’re using an audio interface, you should turn the dial up on the input. I had the same problem and that helped me. For both reads, I would recommend not to try too hard so you don’t say things in a way that is forceful, like “scattered” in the cosmos read. On the cosmos read, your style of reading seems to change dramatically from “on which we know” to be more sing-songy and have a wider pitch range. I think the change is too dramatic, so it’s shocking and distracts from what you’re saying. It’s fine to change pace, emotion, etc. in a read but I think the change is unjustified, in this case.
I would also recommend listing each phrase characterizing earth as if it ends in a period, rather than inverting(discussed in Edge Studio guidebook) the last word of each phrase. This would make you sound more like an expert as you list it, instead of sounding casual.
With the wonder years read, though I heard the slight changes in emotions as you say each phrase, i think you could be more believable. I think to help with believability, you should have a reason for everything your character says. Not trying too hard, and trusting the analysis you’ve done on the script beforehand could help improve the reads.