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Yeah, like a box. A bit vague, but I could kinda hear what they meant. They told me to EQ out the frequencies that were causing it, so I guess I was successful! Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

I have a booth made by this gentleman Mine is the “enhanced” model. It’s a good booth, especially for the price. But it’s definitely not as soundproof as I was hoping, and you have to treat the inside yourself. He has a model with even thicker walls than mine, so maybe that one is truly noise-isolating. But he was a nice guy, and it’s very solidly built, so I’m satisfied.

My mic is a Bluebird, and I use Reaper for my DAW. I also have many of the Izotope plugins for de-noising, mouth clicks, pops, sibilance, etc.

I’ll keep plugging away! I’m happy to have some reassurance from other ears that I’m on the right track.