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Hey Marioh,

Congrats on your first practice recording. I agree with both RBenes and Gill. This was a great first post! A couple of things I noticed was (as RBenes noted) a fluctuation in your volume (probably moving around the mic). A biggy though is the mispronunciation of arboretum you pronounced it ar-bor-ay-tum and it should be ar-bor-ee-tum. If you are unsure of pronunciation, most online dictionaries will provide pronunciations as well. Hey, it happens to all of us. I got busted on a word today. I was pronouncing it with a mid-west dialectal sound which is great in the mid-west, but its pronouced differently every where else. Also, when you said “scroll” it sounded to me like you were saying “shcroll” both times you said it.

Keep it up man. It only gets better with practice!