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Hi everyone! These files are for my week 4 homework. I had some issues with normalizing these, so they may sound a tad quiet. Apologies in advance! Any feedback is welcome and appreciated more than you know.

Ziplock: Only Ziploc brand bags have a unique interlocking zipper to lock in freshness in a way no other bag can. When it comes out this fresh, you know it went in a Ziploc bag. Ziploc. We’ve got a lock on freshness.

Cleaner Elections: Smear campaigns… mud slinging… twisting the truth. Why do politicians resort to such underhanded tactics? Do they think it really helps their campaign? It’s u**y, uncalled for, and deceitful. So why do we allow them to continue?

Amtrak: So much beauty in one place! America is a great country, and we’ve got the best way to see it. Amtrak “Explore America” fares. Round trips from one hundred and seventy nine dollars all across America. It’s a great country, at a great price. Call 1-800-USA-RAIL now about Amtrak “Explore America” fares.

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