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Hey guys, me again!

Could you pls. take a listen and provide honest feedback on my 3 commercial reads attached? Appreciate it and thank YOU for your input and time! I did 2 reads for the first 2 😉

Blue from American Express:

Presenting Blue from American Express.
The card with NO annual fee and an introductory rate that’s frozen at zero percent.
CALL 1-800-600-Blue to get yours.
Blue from American Express.


How do we get girls ready for the world?
Because, HERE’S the TRUTH…
Girls HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ready.NOW it’s time for the world TO GET READY for THEM.
GET the world READY for GIRLS.


Is it JUST forgetfulness…or Alzheimer’s disease?
Memory loss … Asking repeated questions … Trouble using words.
When signs like these begin to affect everyday life, they may not be a part of normal aging.
They may be signs of Alzheimer’s disease, an incurable, progressive illness that robs patients AND their families of a lifetime of memories.
Only a doctor can evaluate symptoms such as forgetfulness and diagnose Alzheimer’s disease.
To learn more, call toll-free today: 1-888-988-9565.

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