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Hello Eric,

Great reads. Technical thing, for some reason the audio is only coming through one side (ear). You might be having some audio issues so just something to look out for in the future.
I do really like your delivery on Cosmos. If I had to say anything, maybe slight variation in your tone as you read would help it sound a little less stilted? Otherwise, you sound very much like a narrator of a science education film.
Interesting take on Mewtwo! The performance you gave is definitely that lofty, high thinker attitude of Mewtwo but I did hear at some points it sounded like you were reading rather than performing. But it was only a few small points.
California was my favorite read of yours! You sounded engaged in the information which made me really pay attention to what you had to say. I think you said some words a bit too fast. But otherwise, I thought the read was very, very good.

Hope this was helpful