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Logan DFD

I’d appreciate some helpful feedback on these two commercial scripts I’ve been practicing with! Thanks!


Choose dinner that comes with less and gives you more.
Less kitchen chaos and more five star recipes that are easy to make and love.
Less shopping and more pre-portioned ingredients delivered to your door.
Less stress, less mess.
Umm. No promises on the less mess thing, but definitely less what’s for dinner blues.
And who doesn’t love that?
So gather round.
Because this dinner that comes with so much less really gives you so much more.
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Earthbound Farm

Here at Earthbound Farm, we don’t use any harmful chemical pesticides.
All of our organic salads, fruits and vegetables are grown in harmony with nature.
And while farming organically may cost more, we think you’ll find Earthbound Farm organic produce is an infinitely better value.
Because with each crisp, delicious bite, you can take comfort in knowing you’re protecting your family’s health.
Now and for years to come.
Earthbound Farm.
Food to live by.

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