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Shaun Cruz

Hi All just looking for some feedback on these 3 submissions for home work.


Come on. You’re a smart person. If you’re buying an suv, why not get the one with the best gas mileage? The Ford Escape’s 1.6 liter Ecoboost engine saves you an average of fifteen hundred dollars on gas over 5 years. Ford Escape the smarter way to get there.

USPS:Tangled lights, mall parking and “some assembly required”. A few reasons to get a head start on the holidays. Fly Like an Eagle. UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. We deliver.

Hello, and welcome to the audio simulation of the One Vanderbilt Observation Deck.
Please adjust your audio volume to a level that best represents my voice at a normal speaking volume to a person standing next to you.
This will calibrate your headphone level. Please do not adjust your audio volume again over the course of the simulation.

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