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Hello! One thing I’ve picked up during my brief tenure in this community is that if you want feedback, it’s best to have short clips (which you have) and to post no more than one or two at a time. People tend to get overwhelmed and keep scrolling if they see too much of a time commitment in someone’s post. With that out of the way:

I think all four reads are pretty good. While your enunciation is good, your delivery could use more of a natural, conversational character at times — more “flow.” Also, all four reads feature very similar energy levels. I wonder how much you can tailor the energy of each read to suit the script/product.

Amstel Light: good list reading. “But you still get real, imported taste” sounds less natural than the rest of the read.
Honest Tea: There are some mouth clicks there that you’re going to want to clean up. You could do with fewer glottal stops overall – people don’t use them much in natural speech. I know there is a lot of vocal fry in the VO world these days, but I’m personally not a fan of the vocal fry. But that’s more of a personal choice than anything.
Crayola: What I like about this read is that, of the four you presented here, this one shows you doing the most stretching, in pitch, tone, energy, etc. Of all four reads, this one sounds the most polished, professional, and relatable, in my opinion.
American Express: Keep practicing this one. At this point, it doesn’t quite sound like you’re relating an actual personal experience. To my ear, of the four clips you posted, this one sounds the most like you’re reading. Maybe try to match the tone and energy of the first four sentences of this script with that of the last.

Good work overall. Keep it up!