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Here are some rehearsals for my narration demo. No effects or corrections were done.

Welcome to the Central Washington Agricultural Museum. The Farm EquipmenT Yard has multitudes of horse drawn implements, early mechanical farm machinery, antique tractors, and more. If there is a particular antique farming device thaT you are hoping to see, there is a good chance thaT we have iT!

An articulation, or joint, is a point of contact between bones. Although most joints in the body allow considerable movement, some allow only limited movement or none at all. The sutures of the skull, for example, are adjacent bones that are bound together into a strong and rigid protective plate.

Winter in the arctic. This is a no-man’s land. Literally. For half the year, this vast area is locked in ice, and devoid of sunlight. Even plants can’t make it. The temperatures plummeting to minus 40 for weeks on end. This really is the toughest place to make a living.

The term “stock market” refers to one of the major indexes such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the Standard & Poor’s 500 – the S&P.
Because it’s hard to track every single company, the Dow and S&P indexes include only selected stocks, whose performance is viewed as representative of the entire market.
Note: Recorded with “indices” and not “indexes”. My coach is in a Commonwealth country.

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