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Hi Shaun, good work! I like the variation in tone, pace and delivery between the 3 scripts, way to vary it up. I’m only hearing sound in my left ear for all three, could be my setup but usually I hear equally in both ears through my earphones, might be something to check (although I don’t know how one would fix this).
Amex: Pace and tone were good.
Jack: Nice accent, slower pace and chill vibe, this was my favorite for you! “taxes” sounded like “Texas” to me, but I think you did a good job of getting into the accent, and it could be argued that your pronunciation kept in character.
Sesame: Good energy and enthusiasm for this one. You might try some variation in tone for the list of 3 things that starts with “…whirl on rides,”. Also, I know this is just for practice, but the word “biggest was missed in this script, just something to watch for that every word is said. Overall very good!