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Hi, Colton!

Listening to these clips, your voice is very crisp and clear. Your diction is great–I can understand every word you say–and your pacing on the Cleaner Elections read was good!

One thing I believe you can improve on is creating more stakes in each read. Think about who you’re talking to in both pieces of copy. In Cleaner Elections, why is it important to stop the constant mudslinging tactics politicians use? Why is it so urgent that this system gets fixed? In the History Channel, what strikes your scene partner’s curiosity about living in another era? Is it their sense of right and wrong? Are they interested in the lives people of other time periods lived? Think about the emotional response you want from them both. You have incredibly clear reads and a wonderful voice, but it’s missing the substance that makes it sound conversational: Convey that urgency, heighten their curiosity, get them to FEEL something!

I would definitely keep these for practice and maybe edit the copy for a demo (never rip the exact copy, but don’t spoof the names). You picked really good options for reads!