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Good Day,

I am attaching 3 narration recordings for my HW assignment. I would appreciate your general feedback as well as specific feedback around my pace, tone, ability to switch up style in a way that compliments the read and glottal stops (which has been a bit of a challenge for me). Suggestions on how to improve are always appreciated.

Of the three recordings, I wrestled the most with the Jazz recording. I have two versions, but decided to upload the “smoother” versus the “upbeat” version here.


Children’s Educational Space Game:
Today we’re going to explore all of the planets in our solar system and some other places as well. We’ll travel into the future when astronauts live throughout the solar system. On each world we’ll see what the weather is like, what we would wear, and what we would do to have fun! Grab your oxygen, put on your seatbelt, and let’s blast off!

Documentray on Jazz:
It is America’s music. It is an improvised Art, making itself up as it goes along. It rewards individual expression. But demands selfless collaboration. It is forever changing. But nearly always rooted in the blues. It has a rich tradition and its own rules. But it is brand new every night.

Advance Tech:
Welcome to advance technology incorporated and to the excitement and challenges of a growing business. As a new employee, your job is important to us. Your success is an important factor in the success of this company. This software is designed to offer you accurate information about company policies and procedures, benefit packages, performance reviews, training and education opportunities.

Thank you!

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