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Hi, great job on these! I could tell that you have really good, solid breath support throughout. And good pronunciation as well as clear, concise reads.

Anaconda – It sounded very professional. However, I’d say that it could perhaps use a bit more of friendliness and like you’re actually talking to a friend, perhaps. If that makes sense. Because it also sounded a bit monotone, I could hear slight changes in intention, but maybe lean a bit more into this being something you’re interested in. (please feel free to take what works, and leave what doesn’t as I’m obviously not a professional.)

Advance Technologies – I really liked this read. I could hear the enthusiasm, and you sounded invested in what you were talking about, which was nice. I could also hear nice, clear tonal changes, while still maintaining that professional, authoritative quality.

Bill Gates – I could hear a good balance between professional and friendly qualities. It was really nice. Your voice is very clear and concise!