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Hey Erik!

You have a very soothing, professional sounding tone which is consistent across all three reads. Your articulation is also very nice and each word sounds very clear.

I’ve copied some feedback about each pieces below as it sounded to me, hope this helps!



Ethan Allen

It does sound like you’re reading and I think part of that is every sentence ends on a ‘down’ tone except the question (How can we ensure that Ethan Allen’s true colors shine through?). This makes it seems a little less conversational to me. I might also add a little more space between sentences.

The Maya

Better spacing between sentences, I feel like a little more emphasis on word/phrases like ‘violent apocalypse’ and ‘rare galactic alignment’ might make listeners a little more engaged.

Georgia O’Keeffe

Loved the line ‘in her magnified paintings of flowers, meant to convey that Nature, in all its beauty, was as powerful…’ This was my favorite of your three examples.