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Hello salmaperez001, There is a very charming, reassuring quality to your voice. Your reads are all very crisp, clear and pleasant to the ear.

“Type to Learn” – Your read seems the perfect tempo and clarity for little listeners to follow along. Again, the inviting quality of your voice seems perfectly suited to a learning tutorial.

“American Express Telephony” – Your instructional read is spot on, but I might suggest you modulate to a more conversational tone when you start up-selling (“Did you know…”). Be both the voice of authority and the trusted friend.

“Hershey Tours” – Here’s where I think you might also experiment a bit as, while your read is crisp and clear and your voice is naturally inviting, the performance sounds a touch too “telephony” when the script seems to suggest a more of “tell a friend” approach. Perhaps try a version where you lean into a more conversational quality as you imagine that you’re telling someone sitting next to you all about the wonders of Hershey, PA. Right now it sounds a bit like you’re reading a script (Which is something I have to work on, myself).

“Pre-Boarding Announcements” – Again, very crisp, clear, and above all, warm and welcoming—exactly what passengers would want to hear during the stressful confines of a crowded air terminal.

Well done! Keep up the great work!