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For Feel the Clarity:
Great emotion and energy, you sound upbeat and enthusiastic! Your pace is a little breathless and headlong however. You have confidence, but you’re rushing it. Take time to slow down and let your words have an impact. Imagine that this is for a commercial and you need to give your viewer and listener time to process all the great things you are saying. Give a little more time and spacing to let your message land and have that impact! Off to a great start though 🙂

For Video-Game:
Good energy and emotion! Here I would say, watch where you are placing emphasis and which words you are highlighting. Are they the words you want to emphasize for your message? For example in the last sentence, maybe the word you want to emphasize is “learning” instead of “today” at the end of the sentence.

I didn’t notice any noises of a fan 🙂