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Greetings to All!

I appreciate your feedback and time on these three recordings.

24. THE LAND OF EGYPT (travelogue)

Egypt has always been a land of mystery and magic. A land different from all others, difficult to understand, apart and alien, yet strangely fascinating. It was the most self-contained of all the countries of the ancient world; it lived its own life, practiced its own religion, and made up its own government with hardly any outside interference either from or upon other civilizations. The Egyptians were …

37. SPACE CAMP MISSION (museum exhibit)

Welcome to Space Camp! Join us on the “Blast off to Camp Sweepstakes,” where we join the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. We’ll train like real astronauts do, perform scientific experiments, and participate in a simulated space mission!

27. DELTA AIRLINES INTERACTIVE (interactive website)

It’s always the right time to fly Delta. And to assure a perfect trip, Delta has prepared this program to offer you important facts and helpful information, along with tips for travelers. Just click ―start for practical information. 50 years have passed since Delta established itself as a national carrier, and Delta has come a long way since then. It has matured into an international airline, serving thousands of destinations. Since its inception, Delta has served as a steadfast air bridge between Africa and the world.

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