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Hello everyone! This may be my last upload before my narrative demo prep starts. Any and all feedback welcomed.

Kids Activity TV
Every day is an adventure with Activity TV. It’s the place to be for hundreds of Awesome activities in dozens of categories! Cartooning to magic to cooking and more – ready for you day or night. This month learn some gross out magic. Watch closely as Ryan teaches you to perform the severed finger trick!

Partial Knee Replacement

A partial knee replacement is an alternative to total knee replacement for some patients with osteoarthritis of the knee.
This surgery can be done when the damage is confined to a particular compartment of the knee.
In the past, partial knee replacement was reserved for older patients who were involved in few activities. Now, partial knee replacement is often preferred in the younger population as their recovery is quicker.

Marvelous Mitochondrion
Hi, I’m a Mitochondrion. But you can call me “Mito.” I’m called an “organelle” because I’m so tiny, but I’m really important. I’ve been called the powerhouse of a cell, because I’m how cells get their chemical energy. I generate most of a cell’s adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, from which your body in turn makes DNA, and other important molecules.

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