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Still working on my narration. These are 3 scripts that I recorded as homework for my coach.

The b****r builds its lodge out of intertangled twigs and sticks; as freezing weather nears, they plaster their lodge with mud, making a concrete layer that no predator can break through. During the early nineteenth century, the b****r pelt was the single most valuable commodity; the pelt being used for robes, coats, clothing trims, and top hats.

All of us here at DataPlex welcome you to our website in which we attempt to distill the essence of what we are all about …
helping our customers improve their use of disparate, complex and ever-changing technologies.In a nutshell, we increase their “tech worth” by evolving,
integrating or expanding their existing systems and by strategically deploying new, state-of-the-art platforms.

Welcome to the Metropolis Superman Museum. Throughout the museum you will find numerous examples of Superman merchandise and memorabilia, illustrating the long and grand history of the world’s most beloved superhero.
To begin your tour, please proceed to the right.
Superman began as a series of daily comic strips created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. The first adaptation of the comic was a radio drama starring Bud Collyer as Superman.

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