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Hi Twiegers! Nice! The audio sounds very low on my end, I could hear it but it was just lower volume than typical, easy fix. I use Audacity and usually have to use the Normalize effect up to -3 dB and it helps a ton in increasing the overall volume.

Home Slice – good soothing tone. It seemed a little choppy in a couple of spots – “your independent” sounded like “your, independent” (unneeded pause between those 2 words)
Paws Up – This was nice too. Make sure to emphasize both words in the tagline “Paws up’. Those 2 words ran together for me and sounded like “pauseup”. I tend to smash words together too, I have found that just slowing down for the key spots really helps.

I agree with Jloz in that your voice would sound really nice in a romance novel, or maybe a Sandals commercial where you are describing a dream vacation on a beach. You have a nice smooth voice, definitely try that!